Quickie - type Bong is a portable kit allows user to DIY their own Bong with any bottle in less than a minute.

1) handy and user friendly
2) recyclable with any bottles
3) better storage option than traditional bong
4) washable and durable
5) best travel buddy for smokers
6) patent protected products
7) safety design for family who has under-age

Interactive Flintstorm

DIY and be experimental
It is always fun with DIY. With Flintstorm's Quickie, build your own bong/shisha is piece of cake. You may even try out with multiple kits to build your ultimate tobacco weapon for parties or self enjoyment.
You may turn any unfinished bottled drinks to a tobacco enjoyment tools. Experience with any drinks to explore the uncovered flavors.


Full kit all in a tiny tin box
The kit is so small that may bring along to any parties or trips with ease. Which means it is also a better storage option than traditional bong/shisha.

Interactive Flintstorm
Interactive Flintstorm

Patented safety design
Safety is always one of our main criteria when designing. With our patented safety design and subtle packaging, this kit is ideal for families who has under-age while still want to smoke in their private time.


Reuse bottle, then throw to bin. Job's done
Cleaning traditional glass bong/shisha is pain in the ass. With Flintstorm's Quickie, all you need is throw the plastic bottle to bins and clean the pipes with the brush included from time to time. Trouble free!

Interactive Flintstorm

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